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Recognized as the 2022 Top Emerging Company by BIO International, SiVEC Biotechnologies has developed BactPac™, a live biotherapeutic delivery platform to enable the next generation of nucleic acid and gene editing therapies. The collaborative spirit and diversity in scientific expertise of our team supports the rigorous science which is at the core of our company. 


SiVEC’s mission is to use our BactPac™ drug delivery platform to develop advanced biologics and out-license the platform to pharma companies who need a safe, tissue-targeted method of delivery to advance nucleic acid and gene therapies into clinical stages.
SiVEC Biotechnologies is quickly gaining traction, including winning the 2022 Women in BIO Innovation Showcase and the 2022 BIO International Start Up Stadium. To date, we have acquired nearly $4 million in non-dilutive funding (National Institutes of Health and State of Colorado).

Lyndsey Linke, PhD, ME



Dr. Linke is the CEO and company co-founder. She has secured over $4 million in grants and sponsored research for SiVEC Biotechnologies and brings over 15 years of scientific experience related to the R&D of novel therapeutics, antivirals, and diagnostic tests. Dr. Linke is first named inventor on seven granted or pending patents related to the SiVEC delivery platform and antiviral technology. She has a Ph.D. in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and a Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Colorado State University.

Darcy Mora, MS

VP of Operations &


Ms. Mora is the Vice President of Operations and company co-founder. She has over 12 years of experience with infectious disease and vaccine R&D  including serving as a lead developer for more than ten global wildlife vaccines. Ms. Mora is an inventor on three pending patents related to SiVEC's delivery platform and antiviral technology. Ms. Mora received her Masters of Science in Veterinary Epidemiology and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Colorado State University.

Ash Williams, PhD

Director of Research & Development

Dr. Williams is the Director of Research and Development. He has over 15 years of experience studying the molecular biology and genetics of Escherichia coli and has extensive research experience related to host-pathogen interactions, immune DNA sensing, and systemic inflammatory responses. Dr. Williams received his Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. in Microbiology from Indiana University and completed post-doctoral fellowships at Harvard University and the University of Southern California.


Danny Goovaerts, DVM, MS: Dr. Goovaerts has decades of experience in vaccine R&D for both agriculture and companion animals. His career has included roles in R&D management, regulatory affairs, pathology, production, animal services and veterinary care. Dr. Goovaerts was Director of R&D at Intervet (Merck) prior to starting his own consulting firm. As a consultant he is involved with companies located all over the world providing insight on a range of animal health topics from manufacturing facility design to R&D strategy for veterinary vaccines. As a valued Scientific Advisor to SiVEC Biotechnologies, Dr. Goovaerts provides expertise on the poultry biologics market, regulatory considerations for different countries, scientific research approach, business strategy, and more. 

John Wyckoff, PhD: Dr. Wyckoff is an Immuologist with over 33 years' scientific research experience in both academia and industry. Having served in a director/manager position for veterinary vaccine R&D for three of the largest global animal health companies, Dr. Wyckoff has a deep understanding of diverse animal health markets and company interests. As the current Director of BioMARC, a contract development and manufacturing organization for biologics, Dr. Wyckoff is aware of many manufacturing and regulatory considerations that are important to SiVEC's commercialization efforts. In his role as a Scientific Advisor to SiVEC Biotechnologies, Dr. Wyckoff is a wonderful resource for many topics, including study design, licensing requirements, global animal health product markets, and partnering opportunities. 

Danny Goovaerts Headshot.jpg
John Wyckoff III.jpg


Sibylle Hauser, MBA: Business and finance strategy
Maileen Flores, CPA: Finance and business development
Heidi Nelson-Keherly, PhD: Preclinical optimization & regulatory affairs
Jeff Wilusz, PhD: Scientific strategy, RNA therapeutics
Deanna Worley, DVM: Scientific strategy, oncology
Janet Englund, MD: Clinical strategy, respiratory disease

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