SiVEC Biotechnologies is committed to developing therapeutic biologicals.

Though we are currently focused on developing several antiviral applications for the rapid treatment and prevention of influenza, we are an R&D company with a pool of intellectual property with relevance to human and animal health.


Lyndsey Linke, PhD, ME



Email: llinke@sivecbiotech.com

Phone: 970.310.7967

Dr. Lyndsey Linke is the CEO and company co-founder. She has over 12 years of scientific experience related to the R&D of novel therapeutics, antivirals, and diagnostic tests. Dr. Linke is first named inventor on the patent pending technology, SiVEC-AIV™. She has a PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and a Masters of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Colorado State University.

Darcy Mora, MS

VP of Operations &


Email: dmora@sivecbiotech.com

Phone: 720.271.0913

Ms. Darcy Mora is the Vice President of Operations and company co-founder. She has over 10 years of experience with infectious disease and vaccine R&D and most recently worked for the United States Department of Agriculture as a Biological Scientist. Ms. Mora received her Masters of Science in Veterinary Epidemiology and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Colorado State University.


Danny Goovaerts, DVM, MS: Dr. Goovaerts has decades of experience in vaccine R&D for both agriculture and companion animals. His career has included roles in R&D management, regulatory affairs, pathology, production, animal services and veterinary care. Dr. Goovaerts was Director of R&D at Intervet (Merck) prior to starting his own consulting firm. As a consultant he is involved with companies located all over the world providing insight on a range of animal health topics from manufacturing facility design to R&D strategy for veterinary vaccines. As a valued Scientific Advisor to SiVEC Biotechnologies, Dr. Goovaerts provides expertise on the poultry biologics market, regulatory considerations for different countries, scientific research approach, business strategy, and more. 

John Wyckoff, PhD: Dr. Wyckoff is an Immuologist with over 33 years' scientific research experience in both academia and industry. Having served in a director/manager position for veterinary vaccine R&D for three of the largest global animal health companies, Dr. Wyckoff has a deep understanding of diverse animal health markets and company interests. As the current Director of BioMARC, a contract development and manufacturing organization for biologics, Dr. Wyckoff is aware of many manufacturing and regulatory considerations that are important to SiVEC's commercialization efforts. In his role as a Scientific Advisor to SiVEC Biotechnologies, Dr. Wyckoff is a wonderful resource for many topics, including study design, licensing requirements, global animal health product markets, and partnering opportunities. 


Terry Opgenorth, PhD, MS; Antiviral research, pharmaceutical research & development 

Heidi Nelson-Keherly, PhD: Preclinical optimization & regulatory affairs

Jeff Wilusz, PhD: Scientific strategy, RNA stability & decay

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