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SiVEC Biotechnologies has developed BactPac™, a live biotherapeutic delivery platform to enable the next generation of nucleic acid and gene editing therapies. Nucleic acids have remarkable potential as therapeutic candidates, but development efforts stall during early preclinical development due to lack of safe and tissue-targeted delivery, creating a large unmet need for delivery systems that enable the full potential of these next-generation therapies. SiVEC’s BactPac™ platform is set to meet these needs head on. Our specialized bacteria are engineered to safely deliver therapeutic payloads (mRNA, siRNA, proteins/nanobodies, and CRISPR/Cas) anywhere in the body. 

The BactPac Platform

SiVEC’s BactPac™ delivery platform is built on a highly and carefully engineered bacterial strain that provides a safe and complete solution for both production and delivery of nucleic acid, protein, and gene therapy cargo. We have demonstrated remarkable versatility in the types of cargo the SiVEC bacteria can make and deliver, including siRNA, mRNA, CRISPR/Cas, and proteins. The BactPac vehicles can generate large and varied therapeutic moieties that have applications in a wide range of indications, including cancer as well as genetic, infectious, and chronic diseases. The BactPac platform is enabling the company's own internal first-in-class pipeline, and serves as an adaptable tool for biopharma partners, enabling them to develop their own therapeutic pipelines. Therefore, the BactPac delivery platform is quite versatile and has wide market potential. 

First-in-class Therapeutic Pipeline

First-in-class therapeutic pipeline: 1) Lead,  SiVEC-IAV™: influenza-targeting siRNA therapeutic delivered to the lungs; a cocktail of two siRNAs targeting conserved regions of influenza viral genes, providing fast-acting broad anti-influenza activity against seasonal and pandemic flu. This asset is in IND enabling studies; 2) SVC-KRAb: pan-KRAS inhibiting therapy for cancer (pancreatic and lung) in pre-clinical development.

Value for Partners

SiVEC’s delivery system is extremely versatile. Partners can use the BactPac platform as a tool to build their own therapeutic pipelines for distinct disease indications using a variety of therapeutic approaches.
SiVEC seeks collaborations or partnerships from large, mid, and small biotech companies who are interested in evaluating the BactPac platform to enable the delivery of specific nucleic acid drugs (mRNA, siRNA, ASOs), polypeptide drugs (antibodies, nanobodies, proteins), or gene-editors (CRISPR, TALENS, etc.) to specific sites in the body (e.g., pancreas, lung, brain, heart). 

SiVEC’s mission is to use our BactPac™ drug delivery platform to develop advanced biologics and out-license the platform to pharma companies who need a safe, tissue-targeted method of delivery to advance nucleic acid and gene therapies into clinical stages. We are developing first-in-class programs targeting cancer, infectious, and genetic diseases.

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