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SiVEC Biotechnologies is developing a biological antiviral technology, SiVEC-IAV™, for prevention and treatment of influenza, including viruses resistant to FDA-approved antiviral drugs. 
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Influenza (flu) viruses represent a recurring global threat with seasonal flu outbreaks occurring annually and the frequency of flu pandemics on the rise. Nearly 49 million people are infected with flu each year in the U.S., resulting in 1 million hospitalizations, 80,000 deaths, and over $40 billion in economic costs. The status quo for flu prevention and treatment is vaccination coupled with antiviral drugs. Although FDA-recommended vaccines and antiviral drugs are the most effective means currently available to control the flu, protection is often suboptimal due to viral resistance, side-effects to patients, and delayed onset of activity.


SiVEC-IAV™ is a biological antiviral for both prophylaxis and treatment of influenza. When applied to the respiratory tissues, SiVEC-IAV™ is active against all viruses tested and theoretically effective against all flu viruses. SiVEC-IAV™ is suitable for inhalation or intranasal spray for fast local tissue deposition, without systemic absorption. In pre-clinical studies, SiVEC-IAV™ provided clinically relevant protection against influenza infection, positioning this antiviral for rapid broad-spectrum protection against seasonal and pandemic flu. 


Advantages compared to current vaccines and antiviral drugs include universal flu protection, activity against viruses resistant to neuraminidase inhibitors, inhaled or spray delivery to the respiratory tissues for rapid activity, and ease of use anytime and anywhere using a non-invasive approach. Due to its biological composition, SiVEC-IAV™ is safe to use and works differently compared to Tamiflu and newly FDA-approved Xofluza. By targeting multiple conserved viral replication factors, SiVEC-IAV™ will remain effective against all influenza strains and prevents development of antiviral resistance while maximizing protection.

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