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Avian flu is a recurring global threat and over 40 countries reported at least one avian flu outbreak in 2018. In the last decade, avian flu has resulted in over $40 billion USD in economic loss globally. The status quo for preventing avian flu is to administer vaccine to individual birds, which is both costly and time consuming. Despite the many limitations of vaccination, this method is still used today because no other biotechnology exists to protect the poultry industry from avian flu.

SiVEC Biotechnologies is developing an innovative solution to treat and prevent the world’s most devastating poultry disease, avian flu.


SiVEC-AIV™ is a novel biologic antiviral technology. It is rapidly applied to poultry flocks as a spray using industry-standard equipment, making it a sustainable and scalable solution. SiVEC-AIV™ targets the respiratory tissues and destroys all types of avian flu viruses. In pre-clinical studies, SiVEC-AIV™ has safely provided clinically relevant protection against avian flu in chickens, thereby positioning the product to protect against economic loss in the poultry industry.


Advantages of SiVEC-AIV™ compared to vaccines include rapid spray delivery, universal protection, ease of manufacturing, and a long shelf-life. SiVEC-AIV™ also protects faster and preserves nearly $1 billion USD in annual global trade revenues. These features make SiVEC-AIV™ a cost-effective and scalable solution, ideal for live-bird markets and all types of poultry operations. Government officials, major poultry producers, and top animal health companies have recognized the value and commercial potential of SiVEC-AIV™.

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